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Why SmartScope?

Cancer is the leading cause of death in 50 countries, and the second leading cause of death across the globe. All cancers are diagnosed by pathologists, physicians who examine tissue under a microscope. 

The Problems:

1. There is a growing deficit of pathologists in resource-limited geographic regions. 

2. Rapid, accurate, and cost-effective AI algorithms are not being used in cancer diagnosis. 

3. The user interface of a computer monitor is a significant inconvenience, hindering the adoption of digital pathology in clinical care. 


Our Solution:

The SmartScope's design mimics that of a medical microscope, allowing pathologists to practice in the way they were trained without compromising on accuracy and efficiency. The device tracks how a user moves an empty slide, so when the user moves the slide on the stage to the right, the tissue image on the screen moves to the right. Our state-of-the-art user interface also allows pathologists to apply AI algorithms in real-time. These algorithms can perform tasks like predicting lab results and how a tumor would respond to various drugs. On the SmartScope, they can be deployed within the user interface that doctors are already familiar with.  The SmartScope is the first such platform for AI algorithms in pathology.  

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dr sriharan headshot_edited.jpg

Aravindhan Sriharan, M.D.
Founder & CEO
Board-Certified Dermatopathologist

Advaita Chaudhari
Undergraduate Researcher
Dartmouth Health

Jason McFadden, B.A.
Graduate Researcher
Dartmouth Health



Digital Applied Learning & Innovation (DALI) Lab

The SmartScope and its applications were conceptualized and planned by faculty member and board certified pathologist, Dr. Aravindhan Sriharan, MD. All the engineering work was done by a contracted, multidisciplinary undergraduate team at Dartmouth College. The collaboration with PixCell complements the academic curriculum by providing a real-world opportunity for students to apply their coursework. We are immensely proud of our student team for their contributions!


  • Alexander Carney

  • Atharv Aghase

  • Andy Kotz

  • Ziray Hao 

  • Andy Xu 

  • Henry Schieble


  • Lauren Goyette

  • Lauren Kidman

  • Victor Muturi 

  • Joy Miao 

  • Daniel Lubliner 

  • Annie Qiu

  • Will Hanson

Project Managers:

  • Emily Chen 

  • Liz Frey 

  • Ulgen Yildirim

  • Jorie MacDonald 

  • Neo Cai 

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